What I Ate Wednesday: Week 23

Breakfast: My favorite thing in the world to eat for breakfast is a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. I keto-fied it by substituting the bread for oopsie rolls. My husband and I made a huge batch of oopsie rolls for the week while we were snowed in. I cooked two slices of uncured bacon until golden and crispy. Then I fried the egg in the bacon grease and melted half an ounce of sharp cheddar cheese on top. I put it all in between two oopsie rolls and squirted a little bit of reduced sugar ketchup on top. I had some cold brewed Starbucks coffee with some heavy cream, stevia drops and DaVinci amaretto syrup.

Lunch: I ate my breakfast a little after 12pm so I didn't get hungry for lunch until 3:30pm. One of the easiest things to eat for lunch is canned tuna with a good helping of mayo. I took a whole can of tuna and mixed it with 1 1/2 tablespoons of mayo. I will usually add finely diced celery and onion but didn't this time because I wanted to save my carbs. I cut a leftover cheese taco shell into chip sized pieces to eat with the tuna.

Dinner: I had my dinner at 7:30pm with is a little later than I usually do. I made these delicious pizza puffs with pepperoni. They taste like little mini pizza flavored quiches. I had a simple salad of romaine and shaved parmesan cheese and some caesar dressing to go along with the puffs.

Snacks: I had planned to eat a chocolate brownie mug cake with some whipped cream on top. By the time 9:30pm came around I was still super full from dinner. I try to make it a point to not eat after 9pm so I decided to drink the rest of my 64 ounces of water and call it a night.


  1. Wow. These are all looks yummy :) I'm going to try these too :0 Thanks for sharing these :)

  2. I need to get back into the habit of making things in big batches, so I'm ready for the week. Taking the guesswork out helps a ton.

  3. Those pizza puffs look yummy! Do you have a recipe for them?

    1. This is the recipe: http://blog.stuffimakemyhusband.com/2011/02/pepperoni-pizza-puffs.html . Thanks for the heads up, I meant to link them :)

  4. You made the right decision--if you are not hungry then do not eat!! Water is the best thing you can have anyway.

  5. That breakfast sounds delicious! And why do I not buy Da Vinci syrups? There's a disconnect where I think they only exist in coffee shops!