Weight Loss Journey: Week 22

I lost 0.4 pounds for a total weight loss of 50.4 pounds.

I had a great week of eating and didn't cheat, even on my birthday. I already had my mind set that I wasn't going to cheat so the planning on where to eat began. The day before my birthday I searched the websites of the different restaurants I wanted to try out. I was in the mood for a nice steak so Longhorn Steakhouse came highly recommended. I had a ribeye steak with some steamed asparagus and a side caesar salad. It was so good and so filling that I didn't have room for a low carb mug cake at the end of the night. I made bone broth in the pressure cooker on Sunday so I am looking forward to drinking a cup at least every other day. I have heard so many great benefits of drinking bone broth that I am excited to add it to my weight loss plan. 

I have been exercising at around the same time everyday so it has become a normal part of my day. I make my husband and daughter breakfast, clean up, tidy up the apartment, get myself a bullet proof coffee or breakfast, clean up, do our morning lessons and then it's exercise time. Since being on Keto I have so much energy to do so much in the morning. I love that my exercise program is just 30 minutes so it gives me time to do everything else I have planned. My body is getting more and more fit and I can do so much more now. I enjoy doing modified pushups and using the pilates ring is so much fun. My sister was in town this weekend so I went on two nice long walks with her. 

  • Take vitamins and probiotics.
  • Get in 7000 daily steps. 
  • FeFit Exercise Program 4 times a week
  • One walk of at least 10,000 steps
  • Drink bone broth at least every other day. 
Have you ever tried bone broth? ‪


  1. No I have never tried to make or drink bone broth--nor have I heard whether it is good for you or not so I will have to take your word for it. I wondered how Longhorn Steakhouse was--now I am going to have to go there.

  2. Happy birthday! Good for you, sticking with the plan. What you said about mindset is true - we can set ourselves up for success or failure by our thoughts. We have a company dinner for my husband's work tonight and I just started a 100 day challenge yesterday - eating totally on plan (among other things like exercise daily). I love the restaurant we're going to and looked at the menu to decide ahead of time what to order. I'm determined not to blow the challenge, especially on day 2! Thanks for sharing your journey, it's so inspiring!

  3. I've never tried bone broth, but I'm excited to hear what you think. Hope you have another great week.

  4. I'm so glad that you're really wanting a fitness body, bone broth is awesome never tried it before.