What I Ate Wednesday: Week 25

Breakfast: I had four slices of uncured bacon that I buy at Aldi's supermarket. When I first started keto I used to buy regular bacon and right after eating it I wouldn't feel so good. I think it was too salty and the nitrates were giving me headaches. Since I discovered the uncured variety I am able to eat as much bacon as I like. With the bacon I had two fried eggs that I fried in some of the bacon grease and a low carb biscuit. These biscuits are made of mostly egg whites and almond flour. They are really fluffy and moist and kind of remind me of cornbread.

Lunch: My big breakfast kept me full all day long so I skipped lunch. At about 5pm I was getting a little hungry so I decided to have a cup of bone broth. I made a huge batch of bone broth in my pressure cooker the weekend before from mostly turkey bones and some chicken bones. I added a few stalks of celery, some bay leaves and Braggs apple cider vinegar to bring out the minerals in the bones. I put some in mason jars for cooking and then froze the rest in silicone muffin cups for drinking. I pop three in a big mug and heat up until hot. I then sprinkle on some Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

Dinner: We went food shopping after my husband got out of work so I didn't eat dinner until about 9PM. The broth kept me full until then so I wasn't hungry at all. I took four ounces of beef, formed into patties and sprinkled on some Goya Adobo seasoning. I put my cooked burgers on oopsie rolls with cheddar cheese, sandwich pickles and a squirt of reduced sugar Heinz ketchup.

What is your favorite way to eat a burger? 

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