New Year's Confetti Push-Up Popper

I wanted something fun and exciting that we could do once the New Year comes so I decided to make these New Year's Eve push-up poppers. Before I decided to make these, everything I found in stores to celebrate was too loud or too dangerous for a preschooler so these really fit the bill. I got these push up pop containers a couple of years ago and have been meaning to make some push up cakes with them but never got to it. What a perfect way to use them to pop out some confetti instead of cakes!

  • Push-up containers
  • confetti
  • black glittery paper
  • gold glittery paper
  • white card stock
  • gold ribbon
  • black ribbon
  • double sided tape
  • paper punchers (I used: 1 1/4" circle, 1" scalloped square, 3/4" square)
  • clear marbles (optional)
  • vase (optional)

Step One: Fill eat push-up container full to the top with confetti. I wanted to use a mixture of different sizes, shapes and colors but my craft store only had the silver crinkle. Carefully close each push-up container.

Step Two: Take the black and gold ribbon and tie a bow around the top of the popper. 

Step Three: I printed some text with "2016" onto white card stock and used the 3/4" square paper puncher to cut them out.  Cut a 1 1/4" inch circle out of the black glittery paper. Cut a 1" inch scalloped square from the gold glittery paper. Use the double sided tape to stick the gold square on top of the black circle and the white label on top of the black square . Use the tape again to stick the completed label onto the front of the popper. Repeat for each popper. (If you don't have circle punchers you can trace a circle from a bottle and cut them out with scissors.)

Step Four (Optional): Place the marbles into the vase and stick the Confetti Push-Up poppers inside. (Instead of using the vase and marbles I decided to use the push-up poppers stand the poppers came with.)

Step Five: Push up the stick on the poppers all the way up to shoot the confetti out and ring the new year in!

What fun traditions do you do to ring in the new year? 


  1. These are so fun and creative! I might make these to send to my niece and nephews!

  2. Now this is a great idea and not only for the little ones. All the fur babies out there will appreciate that their ears aren't being hurt by loud pops!!

  3. These are a great idea! I love finding ways to reuse things so I don't have to throw things away. I've never seen anything like this before. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Those are darling. I'd have a blast making those with my kids to ring in the new year.

  5. What a great idea and they could be reused as intended later on! Too much fun!

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