Weight Loss Journey: Week 17

I lost 2.4 pounds for a total weight loss of 44.2 pounds. I also lost 6.25 inches for the month of December.

This week my husband and I were obsessed with low carb cream cheese pancakes. I have been craving pancakes so this definitely got rid of that craving. They are so easy to make that we kept eating them all week. I was really prepared for Christmas and made some low carb sides and a dessert for my husband and I. We went to my mom's house for dinner and she made pernil (pork shoulder) and baked chicken. The pernil was delicious and I didn't even miss my mom's rice because I brought over my cauliflower mash and ate some salad. Then for dessert I made the most delicious low carb cheese cake. I was so full and satisfied on Christmas that I didn't miss any of the high-carb foods that my mom dished out. 

I was so busy with shopping and cleaning the house that I only got a couple of days in of exercise and one short walk. My sister and I took our usual after holiday feast walk but since it was raining we didn't get to walk as far as we wanted to. I will be starting the Fé Fit Four Times a Week Exercise Challenge on Monday so I did the essentials DVD to get me ready for the challenge. It was fun to do but I couldn't do all that was on the DVD. I am happy to have a structured exercise plan and hope I can complete the 90-day challenge.

  • Take vitamins and probiotics.
  • Get in 8000 daily steps. 
  • Follow  4 x week Fé Fit Exercise Challenge
  • Update weight loss command center and plan meals. 
What are your healthy goals for the new year? 


  1. My immediate concern is getting my body back in order after the hospital stay of 7 days--weight gain, diabetic numbers not as good as they were etc etc etc. But I'm starting NOW and not waiting for 2016 to arrive. I even made myself some homemade chicken soup this afternoon--simple--bought the carrots, celery and onions already diced in a container--bought 4 small chicken thighs--stuck in a low sodium chicken broth cube----boiled it all up--voila!! I drank down a cup and will refrigerate the rest for tomorrow!!

  2. Losing 2+ pounds over the holidays is so impressive - way to go girl! I have been eating terribly these past few weeks. Such a terrible time of year temptation wise! And exercise, forget it... unless wrapping presents and cleaning count as exercise, since they really should ;)

  3. What a perfect way to satisfy your craving without going off track! The fact you've been able to make it through the holidays is incredible and so awesome.

  4. Great job still being able to lose weight in December! You should be proud of yourself.

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