How YouTube Can Help You Lose Weight

When I started on my weight loss journey I took the time and did my research. Every time I wanted to look something up, YouTube was always one of the top search hits. I stopped using the middleman and started searching on the YouTube search bar itself. This is how I use YouTube to Lose Weight for free!

Diet Information: I originally wanted to start a low carb diet. When I started doing my research Keto always popped up. I saw tons of different videos and upon hearing all of the information and all of the ailments it could cure I got on board. There was so much information from doctors, experts, nutritionists, people who have been doing it for a while and newbies like me. I started binge watching these videos and writing notes. I am sure you can find videos for any kind of diet you are interested in doing.

Recipes: I have been using YouTube more and more and Pinterest less often now. I have found so many great recipes and it's nice to see the recipe being made step by step. I love to see the recipe get tested and real opinions stated on the taste. I have made so many keto recipes from YouTube including pizza, tacos, pies, biscuits and so much more all on plan and all delicious.

Exercise Videos: Did you know that you can see full exercise workouts for free? There is everyone from Jillian Michaels, to Billy Blanks, to Leslie Sansone. All full length workouts that you can do for free in your home whenever you want. I have a chromecast so it's easy to just cast it onto my TV and get busy working out.

Motivation: One of my favorite types of videos to watch on YouTube are of those doing a keto diet like me. It motivates me to see their weekly progress videos and see them losing. It helps me to see what they eat and to get tips on what is working and what is not working for them.

Do you use YouTube to aide in a healthy lifestyle? 


  1. I never thought about using YouTube to get recipes - great idea! My daughter has used YouTube to watch exercise videos on days she would rather do that than go on a run.

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