Cute & Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for Preschoolers

We love celebrating every holiday in my home. Things are even more fun when you have a preschooler who can finally help with the festivities. When I celebrate a holiday I love to incorporate it into the breakfast, snack time and with something cute to wear.

The first thing I love to give my preschooler on Valentine's day are the most special (and easy) pancakes I can think of. It is so easy to just make your favorite pancake batter and put it into a condiment squeeze bottle. I like to cut the tip of the bottle so that the batter passes through a little easier. Then you can create a heart and the word love with the batter. Make sure when you are writing, that you write the letters in reverse.

I then love to make these easy Valentine's Day Berry Skewers as a healthy snack that is just as festive. They are so easy to make that your preschooler can make them by themselves.

For something festive to wear I created this Tutu adorned with hearts that my preschooler can dance around in. It is so easy sew a piece of elastic into a waistband and then to knot pink and white tulle all around. To make it extra special I sewed on the felt, glittery hearts.

We love creating our own Valentines so the "You are a Bowtiful Valentine" were perfect for my daughter to give to her friends. I made all of the print outs and bows and then had my preschooler help clip them onto the cards.

Valentine's Day would not be complete without a sweet treat. I created these super easy Valentine's Day doughnuts. I had my daughter help mix all of the ingredients and then she had fun watching them come out of the doughnut maker. I added the icing and then let her sprinkle on the sprinkles.

What do you do for Valentine's Day? 


  1. I'm in love with the little tutu. Wish I had a young girl in my life so I could make one. Maybe the next grandchild :)

  2. All of these Valentine's Day crafts are adorable! The tutu especially and I love the pancakes. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. As an adult, the best part of V-Day is raiding the kids' candy the day after! It's not good for them anyway... ;)

  4. We don't do a whole lot for Valentine's Day because our anniversary is the same week. But we try to make it special for the kiddos. Loving all these sweet ideas!

  5. Such a wonderful ideas, my kids would also love these for sure.

  6. These are some really cute ideas! I think they are really creative.