Weight Loss Charm Bracelet How To

I have been on this current weight loss journey for almost 6 months and have lost a total of 54.2 pounds. This is the first time in a weight loss journey that it is coming easy to me so I am excited! I want to celebrate my successes so I decided to reward myself with a weight loss charm bracelet.

The weight loss charm bracelet will help motivate me to reach my goals and to hold me accountable. I am planning on giving myself a new charm for every 10 pounds that I lose. I will also add charms for big milestones like 50 pound lost, 75 pounds, etc. If for any reason I gain 5 pounds or more I will remove a charm. I think that by wearing and looking at the charm bracelet it will help keep me on track. There is no way I am going to want to remove a hard earned charm. I want each charm to mean something so that it makes me feel more accomplished.

Since I have lost over 50 pounds I have earned five charms:
10 Pounds: Number 10 for my first 10 pounds lost.
20 Pounds: A mom charm because I am doing this for my daughter.
30 Pounds: A sneaker because I am enjoying mommy and daughter walks.
40 Pounds: A heart because I am loving this way of eating.
50 Pounds: Number 50 for a milestones of 50 pounds lost.

  • Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
  • Sterling Silver Charms
  • Jump Rings
  • 2 pliers
1. Take the 2 pliers and grab onto a jump ring on its ends. You want to pull the jump ring apart by twisting it. You want one end to go towards you and one end to go away from you. You never want to just pull the jump ring apart because you don't want to distort the shape.

2. Place one end of the jump ring onto the charm bracelet. Place the charm on the other end of the jump ring.

3. Carefully twist the jump ring to close it with the pliers.

4. Repeat for each charm.

Every time I add a new charm I will be posting it to Instagram and Facebook, so make sure you follow me on those channels. Next Charm Planned: Woman exercising for being successful with the FeFit Exercise Program.

If you had a weight loss charm bracelet what kind of charms would be on it? 


  1. This is such a wonderful idea to keep you motivated! I'm so happy that you're having such success--losing weight is SO hard, and the fact that you've stuck with it long enough to lose 50 pounds is amazing!! :D

  2. Can I ask where you got your charms and bracelet? I have been searching high and low for something just like this.