First Time Mom and Losing It: Weight Loss Journey: 6 Months Down!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weight Loss Journey: 6 Months Down!

I can not believe that is has been 1/2 a year since I have been on my weight loss journey. I have to say that it is a lot harder when you are a mom. When I lost 70 pounds to be able to have my daughter I dedicated all of my time to eating right and exercising. I lost the weight quickly and what felt like effortlessly. Now that I have my daughter I can't dedicate all of my time. I can't go to the Gym 6-7 times a week like I used to. There is one big plus to losing weight when you are your mom though. That is to have my inspiration and motivation right by my side.Over 50 pounds down has made me a better mom to her because I am now able to take her out all the time. I have the energy to run around with her and just be silly. I have the confidence to be a great role model to her.

Weight: I gained 1.8 pounds for an adjusted total loss of 53.2 pounds. I have been totally slacking with my eating habits so I expected that gain.

Nutrition: I was pretty busy this week with a couple of blogging events and family in from out of town. I went out on several days and didn't make the healthiest choices.

Exercise: I could only make it to the gym 2 times this week but when I did I worked out really hard by doing the elliptical for 50 minutes and the arc trainer for 10 minutes. I also did some free weights as home when an app and YouTube videos.

Last Weeks Goals:
  • Go to the gym or do an exercise DVD at least 3 times.
  • Weight Machines or Toning DVD 3 times.
  • Continue Plank Challenge - GOAL MET
  • Try Yoga - GOAL MET
  • Track Food and Water.

This Weeks Goals:
  • Gym 3 days
  • Strength Training 3 days
  • Continue Plank Challenge
  • Yoga or Stretching
  • Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss Plan for 7 days

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  1. Wow! You've really gone a very long long way in losing weight. Just keep on fighting and don't lose hope. Everything is possible as long as you're committed to have a healthy lifestyle. It's for your family and for yourself.

  2. Try some at home workouts those usually keep me pretty motivated! I actually did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and lost almost 20lbs!!!

  3. 6 months for the rest of your life! Keep it going.. i need to restart my journey.

  4. It is really hard to stay on track when family is visiting! keep up the good work, you look great!

  5. We all have some off weeks but getting back on track is the thing to do! I think I am going to do my Biggest Loser DVD this week!

  6. You've done so great! As your daughter grows older, she will really appreciate the efforts you are making on her behalf too- of course, you are becoming healthier yourself, but it will benefit your family as well!

  7. Great job! I can really see a difference in your "before" and "during" photos. Just remember, healthy living is a marathon, not a sprint. It's easy to get frustrated when you plateau, and you will, but don't let it get to you.

    Also, when strength training start with compound movements. They hit the most muscle groups and they really promote muscle growth. Stay away from machines also. Go with free weights. They give you the best workout, and they don't force your joints to stay in one static position. Break your strength training up into two days initially - upper and lower body.

    Here's what I like to do:

    Upper body:
    Bench press (chest and triceps)
    Incline bench press (chest and triceps)
    Decline bench press (chest and triceps)
    Barbell rows (back and biceps)
    Lat pull down (back and biceps)
    Deadlifts (pretty much all of your back)

    Lower body:
    Leg curls

    Also, if you can do cardio in the morning before breakfast. That way you're burning your fat reserves rather than the calories you've eaten during the day.

    Good luck!

    1. great advice to excercise bf breakfast but my class is at 9:30 am and I get light headed, maybe just a small snack.

    2. Great advice I need to try to eat just a small snack b/f my 9:15 class it is too late not to eat anything.

  8. Keep up the hard work you're doing very well, the before and now picture is clear proof that it's working.

  9. Your journey to weight loss is really inspiring. This would really be great for your health in the long run.

  10. Great job, keep up the great work. You are very inspiring. ;)

  11. You are awesome! Weight loss can be a long process but if we keep at it, it is totally worth it!

  12. No matter how many pounds need to be lost each single pound is just as difficult. You will be that healthy mom your baby can rely on forever. Way to GO!

  13. You are doing such a great job. I am very proud of you! Things definitely get harder in the weight loss department after having a child.

  14. You are looking great! What is the Dr. Oz rapid weight loss plan? It sounds like something I could really use! Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Great work! That is really inspiring and great to see your progress.

  16. You are doing such an awesome job with your weight loss and meeting the goals you set. You are an inspiration so keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great job! What an inspiring journey you are on. :) Amee

  18. You are doing so great! Keep up the wonderful work!

  19. Wow congratulations dear you are indeed doing great and keep inpriing people too

  20. Wow! I can't believe it's been 6 months already! Keep up the fight! You inspire all of us :)

  21. 53 lbs is quite an accomplishment. I love that you set weekly goals. I hope you continue to work! You are a rockstar.

  22. You look great! I love the weekly goal idea :)

  23. I love how she's continued inspiration for you. You're doing an amazing job and it's really impressive how much you've lost so far!

  24. While exercise is important, your diet is the most important key to weight loss and gain. Still, it's amazing what you've accomplished in six months. Congratulations. Keep going, don't make excuses, and watch the results! ~ Don Purdum

  25. Your progress is amazing and I love your goals and dedication. Such an inspiration! Victoria Ess

  26. I'm trying to do Yoga and Pilates this week too!! I'm looking into Beach Body's PiYo program!


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